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We work with future trends and develop new markets.

Vangavis is an internationally operating innovation company. Depending on the type of your organisation and your general objectives, there are various ways to cooperate with us. We have developed a framework that involves several models of how working together can look like.


Innovation Alliance

forming industry specific expert networks and cross-sector innovation alliances in order to support innovative ecosystems, to exchange best practices and to effect future market developments.


Growth Partnership

building growth partnerships in order to enter new markets, to raise growth capital, to find future customers and to establish new channels of communication and distribution.


Joint Venture

developing innovative projects from scratch and boosting the impact of new products together - based on the expertise, the resources and the goals of the involved parties.


Customised Innovation

constant screening and scouting for innovation opens new ways to find successful use cases and to develop customised innovation programs.

Act Local

Our core market expertise is strongest in the german speaking countries of Central Europe (DACH) and the region of Central Eastern Europe (CEE). Operating from our home bases in Vienna and Sofia, we act as a connecting bridge between Europe's ecosystems.

Think Global

On a global level we monitor and analyse the upcoming trends, we cooperate with international business partners and governmental organisations and we scout the most innovative startups.